3 Skills To Let Your Boss Agree With Your Outcome

Posted on: August 24th, 2016

Source: jobsdb.com


Every boss wants their employees to be hard-working, obedient and avoid leaving work early. However, the reality cannot be this perfect. Most of the employees have their own standard and if you want them to work hard, they would request something in return. For example, employees might ask for a salary raise, a promotion, or having extra days of the annual leave. Learn the following three skills to let your boss agree with your outcome.

1.Keep Reporting Work Progress
No one likes to communicate with their boss, but communicating with them is necessary. Some bosses may not notice employee’s contribution without their sayings. If you work hard solving difficult tasks and your boss does not know, you can easily update the work progress to your boss once a week. It is acceptable for your boss to realize your value and the project is continuing well in your hands.

2.Collect Public Praise
Nowadays, social media celebrities collect ‘like’ online to show their popularity. Actually, you can ensure your achievement by the 3rd parties as well. If your clients are satisfied with your service, it does no harm to ask them to send your boss some positive comments about you. If you help your colleagues, why not ask them to send you a thank-you email CC to your boss?

3.Emphasize Concrete Results
Majority of bosses are not empathetic, telling them how many overtime you worked, how many meetings you had, or how many power point you prepared may not make them appreciate your hard work. To show your value, don’t only talk about your input but the result of your work. You need to tell the practical result to prove yourself, for example, the direct profit you generated. Sometimes number means everything.

Moreover, never compare with other colleagues. You just need to focus on your own target. At the end of the day, there are only “qualified employee” and “unqualified employee” in your boss’s eyes.