4 Tips On How To Have Peaceful Relationship With Your Boss

Posted on: September 5th, 2016

Source: Cheers

Cheerful boss pointing at a colleague during a meeting

It is no doubts that bosses are the one having the highest power at the workplace. If you are looking for promotion or either not getting fired, you need to achieve that goal by having a good relationship with your boss. Therefore, your contribution will be known. Agreed by Tom Markert, AC Nielsen CEO, in his book “You Can’t Win A Fight With Your Boss”, employees need to treat their boss with respect in order to be on the winning side. Although this simple rule seems easy to do, there are still people having difficulties to start a good relationship.

  1. Prepare like you are the one representing
    When your boss is going to give a presentation, you should not only provide them the information they asked for. Reading more news related and brainstorm any question that may be raised during the meeting and prepare for it. Prepare for the worse. Let say if your boss does not have the material needed and caused her embarrassed, do you think you can dodge the bullet?
  2. Compromise
    Being the decision maker, your boss is the one calling shot. Even though you think your idea is the best, there is nothing you can do when your boss still want to do in his way. Therefore, learn to compromise. If you stand firm on your idea and do not accept even slightly changes suggest by your boss, your image will be adversely affected even you win this fight.
  3. Study your boss
    Everyone has emotions. When you are angry, you may not listen rationally to anything; when you are sharing great news, it would be rude if someone sound negative. Hence, you need to find the right way and right moment to give out different kind of information. To know the exact method, you can observe your colleague’s interaction with boss before using trial and error.
  4. Direct their thoughts
    When you are selling a great idea to your boss, try to explain more (E.g. The different possibilities, the worst case scenario, and the reason of your choice). When you keep your idea simple and clear for her to understand, she should be able to follow your thought and agree with you. When your idea is approved or altered, you will be the one she keeps posted.