5 Tips To Get You A Head Start In The Interview

Posted on: July 11th, 2016

Source: Jobsdb.com 



Sometimes, you may wonder why a Harford student with a Master degree wasn’t hired by an employer and why an undergraduate with a Bachelor ’s degree would got hired instead. In an interview, body language and first impression are very important because it can influence the interviewer’s decision. Below are five tips to get you a head start in the interview.

1. First impression
Nowadays, people evaluate your personality based on your first impression. Therefore when you meet the interviewer, remember to smile, shake their hands firmly and show them that you are very happy to see them. Also, make sure you sit straight and look into their eyes when you speak.

2. Shake out all the nerves
We all understand that interviews are nerve-racking and it is very common for candidates to get tense up during the interview. However, you should try to stay calm because nerves can worsen your performance. Before the interview, you could do some research on the company’s background, the job duties of the position, or even look up some information of your future boss. These methods can increase your confidence.

3. Be a story teller
Everybody loves stories. You could transform your past experiences into a story. This way, boss will give you more attention and it doesn’t sound boring. Tell them some of the challenges that you came across and the solutions to the problem. Moreover, you could prepare some of the answers that you think they might ask.

4. Listen, think then talk
Everybody tends to make the same mistakes, which is to not answering what is asked. Make sure you focus on each question and think of a good answer before voicing out your opinion.

5. Be respectful
In an interview, show respect to the interviewers and answer each question in a sincerely manner. This way, interviewers can feel that they are being respected and they will have a better impression of you.