6 Steps To Enhance Your Employability

Posted on: February 23rd, 2017

Source: JobsDB

Want to make sure you can always find a job? Then know what makes you attractive to employers and continuously enhance your employ-ability.

Having the right attitude and enthusiasm for your job is just one step in the process. There are six steps you can take to ensure you can always find a job. These include:

1. Keep your CV up to date
If your CV is poorly presented or badly written, you’re going to have trouble getting the job you want – or even an interview. So, keep it up to date and include examples of how you have contributed to your employer’s workplace.

2. Create a 30-second introduction
Whether you are looking for a new position now or sometime in the future, your 30 second introduction is a significant tool as it produces the first impression. Information should include your name, the type of position you seek specifically, your skills and strengths and background or accomplishments.

3. Maintain the right attitude
Positive actions and words can help build confidence that you are doing what you can to ensure that you will always be working.

4. Identify macro trends
Keep on top of industry trends so you can make informed decisions about your training and development. A macro trend is one that is widespread and will continue for a long time. For example, the aging of populations in developed countries. Having the right skills at the right time ensures that you will be employable and in demand.

5. Network regularly
Professional networking is very important, both in person and through social media. Attending company events and gatherings is important. And make sure you connect with a reputable recruiter who can help advance your career.

6. Develop your skills
If your company offers opportunities for professional development classes take advantage of as many as you can. This way, your technical skills will be at the highest level. You could also seek out an opportunity outside of work, maybe through a course, a seminar or workshop, or a volunteer opportunity, in order to learn something that enhances your existing skills or builds new ones.