All About Interview Gestures

Posted on: July 21st, 2016


In addition to proper dressing, grooming, and some professional certifications, body language plays a very important role in the interview. It often reflects your true feelings and your inner characters. However, as long as you know how to hide your weaknesses in the interview, you can definitely beat the opponent and stand out in the workplace!

1. Eye contact


Eye contact is a crucial factor when you are talking to someone. If you look at them for a short period of time, it shows that you are nervous. Oppositely, if you look at them for a long period of time, it creates pressure for them. The trick is to position your eyes in the right position. If you feel shy, you can move your attention to their eyebrows, which you feel less tense up.

2. Gestures


Once you are nervous, you will uncontrollably fidget with your hands and create different hand gestures. Different hand gestures gives people different impression and before are some of the examples:
Minaret type: It gives out the confident look and shows people that you are paying attention to the  conversation.
Hands together evenly: This is a gesture of frustration, which stops negative emotions.
Touching your chin: it represents that you are thinking of an answer for the question

3. Posture


A good posture will make the interviewer feel your sincerity:
Standing position: Put your hands by the thighs and avoid splayed feet. Women who are wearing high heels should place their  balance on their heels and on their foot sole. Then, stand upright with shoulders pulled back and look up.
Sitting position: It is more favorable when you are sitting on a high chair as it creates a convincing look and a sense of authority. Your chair should not be too far away from the table and try to slightly lean forward when you are answering the interviewer’s question.

4. Fidgets
During an interview, you should avoid rocking the chair, playing with your hair and bite your nails. All these actions represent that you are nervous!