An Outstanding Cover Letter Email Subject Lines

Posted on: July 14th, 2016



Now that you have written out a great CV, what’s next? Well, it is time to think of an outstanding email subject lines. You may wonder why you should spend time to think of an email subject lines when you have other details to focus on. However, employers only click on the email that has a decent email subject. Therefore, if your email subject is not well written, then your great CV might not be read. Below are some guides you could follow for a good email subject.

1. No more than 8 words
Remember, less is more. The ideal number of words in an email subject line is around 6 to 8. This is because it is easy to read and people can understand the purpose faster.

2. Main point first
Make sure you include all the important information first such as your name and the position you are applying for. In average, a HR staff uses around 6 seconds to read a CV, so if you do the math, a email subject line will only use them a second.

3. Enter key words
To increase the opportunity for an interview, you could type in “Job Application”, the job position you are applying for or your education background in the email subject. This way, your email can stand out and it is easy to read.

4. Include some figures
Figures such as number of years you have been employed and job reference number can make the subject more clear and outstanding.

Here are some examples of good email subject lines:

  • Job Application: Joe Chan for Management Trainee
  • Marketing Assistant, Ref. 0123 – Joyce Ma Application
  • Sales Manager with 8 years of experience
  • Human Resources Director – 10+ Years Experience
  • Marketing Director – Amy Chan, MBA
  • Referred by Chris Wong for Senior Project Manager

Bad examples include:

  • Hi, looking for a Full – time Sales Position with you
  • Resume for Opening