Answers That Will Get You Rejected In An Interview

Posted on: July 25th, 2016



Have you ever wonder what are the objectives of an interview? Would it be to give a good impression to people?  Well… interviewers see many candidates per day and they are most likely to forget who you are at the end of the day. So, in an interview, you should be aware of what answers are appropriate to say and what are not.

1.Why do you want to join our company?
Well, I am sure that everybody who had interviewed for a job would come across this question. You would assume that by saying “I would like to learn and accumulate more experiences…” will get you a good chance of getting the job because it shows that you are willing to learn. However, from recruiters’ perspectives, they will think that you don’t have the real passion to join the company and meet goals.

2. Why did you change jobs for a few times?
This is a very typical question that a lot of employees encounter. You may be tempted to say you get bored easily, your previous boss was incompetent, or you couldn’t get along well with your colleagues. However, these sorts of answers will let down the recruiters and the chance of hiring you would drop to zero.
A better response would be as followed:” As I was still young the past years, I wanted to try different types of jobs to explore my interest.  After several attempts, I realized that this position is most suited to my own characteristics and I will always bring the best out of myself, therefore, I applied for this job.”

3. What are your strengths?
Do not joke around in an interview by saying you have a humorous personality, like going to sleep, or you simply don’t have any strengths etc.  Make sure your answer is related to the job you have applied for. For example, you could say “you pay good attentions to details”, “you are efficient in your work”, or “you are a very reliable person in which you are able to handle important tasks cautiously”.