Be smart or trustworthy?

Posted on: September 2nd, 2016

Source: CW


First impression is the key to success. Harvard Business School Professor Amy Cuddy studied first impression over 15 years concludes that judgement is made instantly when you first meet someone.

“Do you have the ability to take the job?” and “Can I trust you?” would be the first two questions asked when you meet someone you will soon be working with.

To develop a successful career and get more opportunities from your boss, you need to convince her you have the ability to finish the tasks, especially for those working as a professional. However, if you are fresh graduates, it is not wise to be too aggressive in showing off too much, however smart you are. Although letting someone know your ability is vitally important, you need to develop other people’s trust gradually, not instantly. Excessive aggressiveness can be a danger instead of an advantage in your career.

In addition to being able to complete a task, trustworthiness is equally important during a career development. You have to first earn trust from other people. It is highly unlikely that a boss will give opportunities to someone they cannot trust, regardless of how clever she is.

Being trustworthy matters more than having the work capabilities to determine a successful career.