Dear Fresh Graduates

Posted on: August 17th, 2016

Source: topick.hket


After graduating from university, graduates expressed their frustration encountered in their new working environment. Many said that university life is an exercise in illusion, in particular the implement of the ‘student assessment to professors’ mechanism. Lecturers at universities would not dare to heavily criticize a student just to prevent suffering from complaints and low reviews; this made the inclusive act hard to distinguish from connivance. University is often described as a ‘greenhouse’. It is a completely different world compared to the real society. As a preparation before graduation, you should bear in mind that no one is obligated to be nice or be friendly with you.

However, you should also take ‘hazing’ less personal. There are three common intentions people might have for acting that way. Take teasing as an example; most of the time people are just testing whether you can actually take a joke. It helps them to figure out and get to know more about your personality. Also, it loosens the tension in the working environment. You don’t really have to be so defensive against them and just laugh it off which lessens your stress.

Another purpose is for teaching and testing. Your academic excellence does not actually help you in the working world; every graduate will only become a newbie and expected to be challenged by real life issues at work. It is not uncommon to see strict faces staring at you in your first few months of work. When seniors teach you new skills, you should be attentive and learn by heart. Your co-workers do not know you entirely, therefore, try to be open-minded and work hard.