Digital World Is Our New World

Posted on: July 28th, 2016



Digital skills have increasingly become a  crucial skill in the world. Almost every job consists of some kind of digital elements and if you don’t know how to operate a certain function, you will become a disadvantage in the workforce.

“The digital revolution has touched the lives of virtually every consumer and business around the globe,” says Christine Wright, Managing Director of Hays in Asia. “As a result digital strategy – and along with it digital literacy – is growing in importance.”

For example, customer service representatives these days have to interact with customers by using live chats and social media platforms. Most of the daily tasks are operated by using the computers. Manager base their decisions on the data found in the digital world.

During the autumn season in 2015, the UK became the first country for children to learn coding from the age of five through to 16.

Therefore, no matter if you are a job seeker, a student, a waitress, or a bus driver, it is very important that you update your digital skills. Regardless of which industry you will end up in, technology will surely take over our future.