First Impression

Posted on: July 29th, 2016



In order to stand out from the crowd, your resume, cover letter and interview techniques have to be excellent. This includes your first impression too. People evaluate your personality based on the first time you met them. They look at your appearance and decide whether the conversation was smooth to judge what kind of a person you are. Therefore, first impression is very important.

The first thing your recruiter will look at is the CV. Make sure your CV looks professional with no spelling errors. It should consist of your detailed work experiences, the skills you have and the qualifications that you hold.

Then, when an interview is arranged, the next thing you need to consider is yourself. You should have a clean formal suit with no wrinkles on the shirts. Make sure your suit have no loose or wayward threads as it looks unprofessional. Also, the suit shouldn’t be too bright of a color, so a darker color would be ideal. For the footwear, make sure your shoes are polished with no visible dirt. Women who are wearing high heels should keep their heels to three inches. Furthermore, women should minimize their accessories. Try to keep it simple by wearing a simple necklace instead of a dangling necklace.

Now that you are all dressed up, make sure you give a confident smile and have eye contact when you are talking to the recruiter.