Fresh Graduate’s Resume

Posted on: September 13th, 2016

Source: Jobsdb

To impress potential employers, we better emphasize on previous work experiences and relevant skills. However, a fresh graduate may find it embarrassing that he or she has nothing to put into the resume except academic qualifications. If you are in such a situation, don’t panic because you still have a chance to write an impressive resume.

  1. Showcase your skills/credits/extra-curricular activities experiences
    Tell the potential employers what you are good at. They may consider you as a competent candidate if you can demonstrate that your skills can help with your work and benefit the company. If you are particularly efficient in handling paperwork, put it into your resume with elaborations. You may want to talk about graphic design awards that you have won if you are applying for relevant jobs. It’s even better if you can show what you did and learnt outside classroom. You may be a member of society committees or councils back in college. Tell employers about those experiences since the nature of duties between committees and posts that you are seeking may resemble.
  2. Talk about your personality
    Employers always want to know more about the characters of candidates. Telling them your habits, especially those that are related to the job, is a good way to leave good impression. It is an effective way to let the employers know that you are into what you are about to do, and you are a self-motivated person which many companies desire. If you are a social media dweller who spends lots of time on facebook and other platforms, you may have advantages in applying for jobs related to digital marketing.