Hello, My Name is Peter

Posted on: July 26th, 2016

Source: topick.hket.com


The most common question you are being asked in an interview is the self-introduction. All the interviewers will like to know a little background information about you, so it is very important to prepare it well to impress your employers!

There are two main parts on the self-introduction including the format and the content. Make sure the content consists of your educational background and any work experiences you have contributed in the past. You may refer to the following tips for an ideal answer.

Self introduction sample:

  • First 30 second: Briefly introduce your name, job seniority, work institutions and your recent title.
  • Then, you may use a minute to describe your personal strengths, skills and expertise. You could say you have excellent organizational skills, a good listener and a good team leader etc.
  • The next 2 minutes: Focus on the reasons of why you applied for the job. Tell the recruiter a little information of your previous company. This includes the achievements that you have gained, the responsibilities that you took and the challenges that you have came across. Then, explain how those factors can help you to perform well in this company.
  • Lastly, you can talk about your objectives and prospects. Tell them your goals or plans in the next five years, state out the things you would like to achieve, and your expectation of the job.

Further tips:

  1. Be a story teller. Transform your working  experience profile into a story form to make it lively and attractive.
  2. If you have 0-2 years of working experience candidates (fresh graduates), you could emphasize the extra-curricular activities and volunteer works that you were involved in.
  3. If you have more than 3 years of working experience, you could tell them the biggest challenge you have faced, your management skills and some of the achievements that you have gained.
  4. If you have 10 years of working experience or more, you could show that the knowledge you earned from previous years and share your prospect to the recruiters.