How To Negotiate A Pay Raise

Posted on: January 13th, 2017

Source: Jobsdb

Pay Raise的圖片搜尋結果

If you are trying to negotiate a pay raise, be prepared to prove your value.

These advice is to help you maximize your chances of getting a pay rise in your next salary assessment:

  • Prepare a list of your recent achievements that exceed your targets. If this is your first review, look back at your original job description. List the resulting benefit to the company. This gives you strong evidence to support your value in your company business.
  • Also make a list of any changed or amplified work volumes or responsibilities you’re now undertaking.
  • Stay calm. Do not become sensitive and do not talk of how much money you want – for example, as a result of rising bills or mortgage repayments. Keep your salary review discussion professional.
  • Be realistic. Being aggressive is sometimes needed but don’t overdo it. State the salary you feel your performance and results are worth, and back up with evidences from an external salary survey from the job market.
  • Have a second plan. If your employer cannot afford a pay rise at the moment, you could agree a date for another review after three or six months. In addition, you could discuss with your employer about additional annual leave, study allowance or other benefits.
  • Above all, use your accomplishments and the value you add to the organisation as the basis of your negotiation. In this way, you’ll clearly demonstrate your value and will be in a stronger position to secure the maximum of the pay rise on offer.