Keep The Morale

Posted on: September 28th, 2016

Source: Jobsdb

In 2016 the Hays Asia Salary Guide found out that around 30% of Hong Kong employees were thinking to leave the current job for a new chance. They were actively finding new job positions and even plan to switch job within the year. This is an alarming signal to employers and recruiters as more than a quarter of the workforce thought about a move. Here are some reasons for them to want new changes.

The surveyed employees disclosed salary or welfare was a major reason for them to seek new jobs. Employees expect annual rise in their salary which seems quite impossible to heads of company. With only 17% companies afforded a 6% pay rise, no wonder employees were so eager to explore new jobs.

Being pessimistic about their career future was also a driving factor for them to leave. When they see no chance of getting promoted within the company, it is likely that they will consider working for other employers.

To keep competitive employees on their positions, maybe it is time to care for their needs more. Work-life balance is a hot topic recently, which also states out the wish of many employees. Having time to get recharged is definitely beneficial to both workers and the company. Good performance is guaranteed when employees come back to office without stress or fatigue accumulated from previous days. Appropriate increase in salary is a considerable measure to drive employees work harder. They do not only obtain instant reward for their effort, but also a promising progression if they stay at the current workplace.