Make A Choice: Further Study Or Stay In Current Position

Posted on: November 22nd, 2016

Source: targetjobs

Taking your study to the next level is a popular choice. But in accountancy and financial management sector postgraduate qualification is not that important in determining your career prospection. So, you really need a strong and sound reason to continue for postgraduate study if that is your target.

Here are some legit and bad reasons.

Good Reasons:

  1. To further explore a field in the financial and accountancy sector.
  2. To gain new potential partners for the future. Meet people with similar background.
  3. To gain professional skills you are currently lacking. They are likely to be useful in your career later in the future so you can present yourself better to future employers.

Bad Reasons:

  1. To cover up your poor undergrad performance. Firms put equal attention to your undergrad and any future degrees, so any improvement in postgrad studies will not make up your past.
  2. To fill time. Study should not be your plan B if you are reluctant to enter the current job market. Irrelevant postgraduate degree will not boost up your competence.
  3. To stand out from crowd. A postgraduate alone is not that outstanding in the eyes of employers. Work experience is far more important in determining your job landing.