Preparation For Interviewers

Posted on: July 22nd, 2016



Nowadays, Interviews have become a popular trend of recruitment. Some statistic from UK’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development say that 83% of organizations select their applicant base on the interviews, compared to 68% in 2009. Therefore, interviewers should conduct the interview with consistency and in a fair environment.

Here are some tips on how to enhance your interview skills:

  • Avoid the robotic questioning style: Try to stay away from scripts as the conversation can sound very unnatural and awkward. The script can limit you from exploring other areas of the candidates.
  • Get ready: Prepare all the questions you want to ask and find out the ability of the candidates which are most suitable to the role.
  • Make it friendly: Try to make the interview as relaxing as possible, so that the candidate can show you their real potential without the nerves in the way. Make sure you are paying attention to what they are saying and be interactive. You may ask a few gentle introductory questions to help the candidate warm up.
  • Look beyond technical skills: You can ask them some devise questions to decide whether the candidate is aligned with your business’ culture.
  • Everything should be lawful: Before the interview, you should beware of what questions are appropriate to ask and what questions are sensitive to the candidate. Asking the correct questions avoid accusations such as discrimination.

Last of all, enjoy the interview. Treat it as an opportunity for you to hear someone’s story and maybe you will change their life positively.