Procrastination Is Good For Us

Posted on: August 26th, 2016

Source: Yahoo Finance


Working career is busy and need to catch up deadline every day. Resting during work hours can be luxurious. Especially on the Blue Monday, it is difficult to let the weariness disappear. When procrastination attack, you may let your boss thinks you are lazy. However, having chronic procrastination should not be a bad thing. It can increase your work quality.

1. Bring constraints
Many people think that procrastination will make people undisciplined but it is not the truth. For chronic procrastination, they know the exact time that need to work and hand in the work on time. When facing the deadline, you can stimulate yourself and competed at least time.

2. High focus mode automatically
When your eyes are only on finishing the task on the deadline, it will be difficult to affect your concentration. You may even get better results at most of time.

3. Higher work efficiency
Some people say that having procrastination will lower the efficiency. Nevertheless, procrastinators prioritize the work simply by deadlines. They are more efficient in arranging their time. They will directly refuse others’ requests so that they can have their private time.

4. Let yourself have a buffer
You can have more free time when having procrastination. You can go for a tea time or gather with your friends and family. Therefore, you can have time to rest, both physically and mentally to prepare for another round of life.