Questions To Impress The Interviewers

Posted on: August 4th, 2016

Source: topick.hket


The peak season of job seeking is coming, and job seeking means interview. Many interviewers would like to ask “Do you have any questions?” This question is commonly known as a ‘point for additional marks’. Your answer may bring a negative impression towards the interviewer, or even lead the ordinary interviewees to their turn for the better.

Foreign job advertising website TalentZoo’s CEO Amy Hoover suggested that job seekers should at least think of four questions to ask, in case some of them are answered during the interview, there are still some back-up questions. She reminded that job seekers have to avoid asking key points that have mentioned, or else they will be regarded as not paying attention, which would lead to a deduction of marks, making themselves the underdogs.

Below are some good questions you could ask the interviews:
1. Testing the waters and showing your enthusiasm or aggressiveness:

  • How is your ideal candidate? Do you think I meet your expectations?
  • When hiring a new member of staff, how much time does the company needs to make a decision?
  • Is there anything that both of us have not yet mentioned, but is essential to the taking up of the position?

2. Asking for description of responsibility and career development prospect:.

  • What are the biggest challenges of the position I am applying?
  • How is the promotion ladder of the position I am applying?
  • Could you explain how the manager and I will collaborate in work with examples?

3. Asking for management culture and company’s prospects:

  • How did the previous staff work to their best that made you feel so impressed?
  • How would the company facilitate the personal development of colleagues?
  • How does the company evaluate the performance of colleagues? What is the definition of success
  • What is the approximate attrition rate of staff in the company? What would the company do to retain valuable staff?

Therefore, a good preparation is half of the success. If you want to get the ideal job, start by preparing questions!