The 4 Keys to a Great Interview

Posted on: February 20th, 2017

Source: U.S. News

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A perfect interview may help you to get your desirable position. Your interview performance generally affect the consideration of HR manager. Here are four tips for job hunters seeking interview success:

  1. Know the cast of characters
    Thinking of your interviewers, you may need prepare by researching each person. Check out their LinkedIn profiles, search for them on News, and do a general research on google.
    With this knowledge, figure out the interest in the position for which you are interviewing, and what they likely ask in the interview. Be prepared to discuss how you have worked in similar roles and to demonstrate how you achieve their needs.
  2. Be thoughtful
    Take the interview conversation beyond the content of your resume and the company’s job description. Know your own story that you can bring up examples to address the concerns. Do not just say that you can do the job, but rather tell your knowledge/experience can help you to cope with the new environment.
  3. Be passionate
    Sometimes you will interview for a job because you are passionate about the specific work you would do. It is important to display an emotional connection to your desirable position, to show that a job is not just a paycheck but your career. Show your passion for bringing great value to your new job and make a difference for your employer.
  4. Dress for success
    You’ve hear this advice repeatedly. Dressing up appropriately! These days, there is no one “right way” to dress for an interview. It is a matter of context. For instance, If you’re interviewing for a high-powered Wall Street position, you will be laughed out of the room if you show up in business casual, no matter how well you might perform the job.

A job interview is more that showing that you can not only do the work essential to a job, but also fit into the organization’s culture/value. When you do this, you take a large step to your own success as well.