The Most Popular Jobs For Fresh Grad

Posted on: December 9th, 2016

Source: Forbes

According to linkedin data, most graduates winded up in top-tier firms like Deloitte, Amazon and Target. Here are some popular positions that packed with graduates in the US.

  1. Account manager. With median annual income USD $50000, it is a well-paid job craved by many job market newbies. Most account manager offers are opened by advertising, management consulting and financial services sectors.
  2. Software engineer. Its annual income is USD $30000 higher than the first job, and there is a promising dependence on the IT sectors in big corporations. Alphabet, Amazon and Apple each have hundreds of such listings, and we are about to see more.
  3. Customer service representative. The median annual salary is USD $35000. Having this position elbow into the top 3 popular jobs signals the world that skill-based works are still conventional, despite the growing importance of college certificates.
  4. Administrative assistant. Healthcare, marketing and advertising and construction were the three sectors that recruited the most administrative assistants. With a median annual income of USD $39500, it’s another proof that skill-based jobs still have market.