The Power Of A Candidate’s “Thank You”

Posted on: October 7th, 2016

Source: Jobsdb

Carol Galle, the president and CEO of a prestigious event-planning firm in Michigan, shared that employers generally want to hire candidates who genuinely work for their company. A simple “thank you” after interview influences employer’s impression significantly.

This little habit that we developed since youth shows value of what the other part has done and benefited us. It is a humble expression of showing gratitude to the employer for giving you a chance to compete for the job. It shows that you are thankful for their appreciation of your capabilities and recognition of your potential contribution to the company. In fact, employers feel being respected if candidates reckon the time spent on interview is precious to the employers and the company.

You also get a second chance to sell yourself for the job. Possibly you forget throwing out things you have prepared which would make you even more competent during the interview. Consider this another cover letter and add things you missed during interview into it. Highlight your strengths that the company craves for and reiterate your passion to work.

Consider the significance of a “thank you”, do not hesitate to send a thank you letter or even an email to your potential employers.