Volunteering: 5 reasons to facilitate job-seeking

Posted on: August 1st, 2016

Source: jobsdb.com


“Be passionate to help one another. Simple as lending a helping hand to friends and colleagues, or squeeze time to volunteer, to help the needy, is the best way to acknowledge your own value.” – Gillian Anderson

Lending a helping hand to others will not only bring yourself a fulfilling smile, but also garner the joy to share. Moreover, recent studies have found out that the chance of volunteers being employed is 27% higher than non-volunteers.

1. Learn new working skills
If you neither have a job nor want to stall for time, volunteering may help you kill time and garner working experience. Many think that non-profitable jobs are not suitable to be printed on CV, in fact, a multitude of skills learnt from volunteering can also be applied to business, For example, writing a press release and finding sponsors in a charity fund-raising activity.

2. Build an image of “good employee”
Employers tend to admit conscientious and sincere candidates. They are more motivated and diligent, and their positive attitude is reflected on their will to volunteer.

3. Expand interpersonal network
You can come across people from all walks of life in volunteering, including those who can refer jobs to you. Showcase your team spirit and make more friends, this might facilitate your career development.

4. Know more about the latest development of the industry
You will probably be confused by the vast base of career details. Volunteering is a golden opportunity to realise your characters. You can

5. Gain a sense of accomplishment during job hunting period
The job hunting period is gruelling. However, the less you are confident, the more challenging you find to match your dream job. Perk yourself up by enrolling as a volunteer!