What Should You Provide On Online Self-portfolio?

Posted on: November 28th, 2016

Source: Jobsdb

In the prevalence of online interaction up 80% of recruiters visit candidates’ portfolio before seeing them in person. The online selection of candidates is fast and cost-effective to employers, so your online self-presentation is very crucial to build a first impression.

So first you put up photos of yourself or your achievement. Let’s say you entitle yourself as a photographer or graphic designer, you have to provide some proof like your work in the past for employers’ reference. It does not only impress recruiters, but also serves to build you brand in the long run. If you work in the financial banking field you may want to impress people by stating what contributions you have done to previous employers.


Second thing you want to do is to expose your social network. Nowadays it’s not ‘what do you know’ matters, it’s ‘who do you know’. Employees are the greatest asset to company in the sense that they connect potential business partners to the company. And employers do not only care who you can introduce to the company, they also want to understand you by analyzing your acquaintances. So perhaps any friends with bad history in terms of credibility should be excluded in your personal portfolio.

The world runs differently from the past. A piece of CV is not persuasive enough anymore. It’s time to start constructing personal reputation online.