Why HR should start to make the most of their data?

Posted on: January 23rd, 2017

Source: Jobsdb 


Many businesses are now using their data to find useful insights into their business, but are HR departments making the most of what they’ve got?

HR teams have a vast amount of data at their disposal. Drawing insights from this data can help to better understand its own workforce and drive positive business change. For example, data can show you what drives employee performance, when an employee is about to leave and how HR contributes to an organization’s objectives.

The 2000 has perceived a digital revolution where companies began to learn more about their customers. It was predicted at the time that there would also be a great evolution for HR, but the journey has only just begun for most HR departments. The potentials and opportunities that data can provide is quite exciting. For instance, being able to recognize when a valued member of staff is thinking about leaving is an extremely valuable tool for businesses.

Why have HR departments yet to utilize the data available to them? It could be the result of ever changing technology. The speed at which it changes means by the time a system is functional, it could already be out of date. Also, the vast number of tools and amount of data can seem daunting and leave many businesses asking themselves where to begin.

Technology does advance so quickly that it’s significant to start small before deciding which direction to head in and which areas you wish to learn about first. Instead of implementing a large system and connecting all departments, it’s better to find out the basics first by using the data you already have available and begin to explore from there.