Work Alone

Posted on: September 7th, 2016


Teamwork is crucial in the workforce. Many companies organized team building workshop and communication skill training for employees to become more sociable and prevent employees feeling left out. However, choosing to have some alone time may not be as bad as you think. Especially when you learn how to enjoy it, it can help you in working.

1. Make people more confident
People working in team usually have fixed role they set for themselves. Someone is the brain, someone is the acting force. When they are used to work in team and the environment has changed, they will feel unsettled. Therefore, being independent is necessary for identify your own value. Since you need to handle everything all by yourself, you will know every details of the work and feel confident presenting it.

2. Increase working efficiency
In a large scale company, you cannot avoid people talking behind your back. Whether what you did or did not do, there is no need to waste time blending in or social with them if you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes, you are better off alone if it can make you focus on yourself. Is there any way to clear up your name better than proving yourself?

3. Have more ideas
When working in team, there is always a leader no matter it is implicit or explicit. The leader directs the conversation. If the team leader thinking process is straight forward or not flexible enough, it limits the idea easily. When work alone, you can be unconventional given that no one will set the tone or make you settle for the idea that is most acceptable. In fact, people seldom hold their point of view when others challenge them, so many creative ideas have sadly let die.

It is impossible for an employee to handle all projects alone. However, they should take time to think about their work alone to set their mind clear rather than blindly agreeing with others when working in teams.