Workplace Psychology: Setting Boundaries At Work

Posted on: August 30th, 2016

Source: Jobsdb


‘Boundaries’, the limitations and responsibilities we have set for ourselves at different levels. In working environment, boundaries are mainly used to describe the scopes and professionalism of your jobs which includes limitations as well. Employees should see a clear work boundary in order to co-operate effectively in order to improve overall efficiency. Among all, mental boundary is classified as the key element to be cautious with.

To build a working relationship, many have to attend dinner parties and other social activities. Alcohol would generally be involved, which gradually torments our health in the process. There are many cases of broken family relations due to the heavy engagement in work. All in all, it is caused by not setting a distinct safety borderline for ourselves. We have to learn to manage the pressure generated in these situations and maintain a professional relationship with the customer so that we would stay sane. Understand your working stance, competence, ethics and consequences before deciding whether to accept or decline the offer. Give well grounded reasons and politely refuse the invitation, which also allow the other parties acknowledge your boundaries.

Besides facing illogical demands, peer or mass pressure is another major issue that you would encounter. Never do something in reluctance or goes against your moral standards, or else you will end up blaming yourself and perplex for the consequence. In this case, try to give sensible reasons once again and politely refuse the invitation, which also allow the other party acknowledge your boundaries.

Last but not least, the key boundary is between work and personal life. Maintaining a balance between work and personal life is crucial as to excel in your profession and enable a healthy lifestyle.