10 Hobbies to Avoid Writing on a CV

Posted on: July 4th, 2016

Source: on.cc 



Have you ever thought of the hobbies you wrote down on your CV can affect the decisions on the employers? Every candidate wants to look unique or somehow different from the norms, but all the information you include on the CV should be relevant. Employers ask for your hobbies because they want to have a general idea of what your life is like outside of work time. Therefore, you should never put down something inappropriate in the hobbies column.

One of famous recruitment company in England called Stark Brooks tells you 10 hobbies never to include in your CV. They are all real examples and it is certainly going to scare the employers away.

1. Sleep
2. Eat
3.Beach tanning
4. Looking after a pet
5. Going to rave parties
6. Skinny Dipping
7. Watch Bikini football matches
8. Justin Bieber
9.  Collect cards game
10. Peeping on people

As a final point, Stark Brooks recommends you to include some volunteering experiences and sports that you enjoy in your CV. This way, you can not only impress the employers, but also to increase your chance in the job market.