10 Tips To Detect Liars

Posted on: August 8th, 2016

Source: yahoo.com.hk


No matter where you are and what you are doing, there are always people trying to tell lies. They might simply lie to protect themselves, but they could be planning something evil to get you punish. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to their surroundings at all times to avoid any scams.

Below are 10 tips to detect liars:

1. Liars tend to avoid eye contacts and turn their heads away when a question is being asked.

2. If he or she has suddenly become very tense, breathing heavily, or shrinking his/her shoulders, it is a good alarm to pay attention to what the person is saying.

3. When their standing posture looks taut (like a robot), then you should be cautious. This is because when a normal person speaks, they will usually have a bit of a movement.

4. Repetition is a way to convince people to believe lies, but also liars are creating more time to think of the next scam.

5. During the conversation, if their hands are touching their lip or biting their fingers, they are trying to avoid a big question and avoid answering you directly.

6. If they often used their hands to cover their neck, head or abdominal parts, it gives you a clue that they might be lying.

7. When people lie, their lips tend to get dry because their whole body becomes tense. Therefore, if people are licking their lips, you should be careful.

8. When liars are trying to deceive others, most of them would choose to avoid eye contact. However, some professional liars would look into your eyes to convince you instead.

9. When people become impatient, they would keep on pointing something else to get you distracted and feel insecure.

10. Liars tend to talk about different topics regardless if it is relevant or not, because it creates a good opportunity for audiences to listen to them and build up the trust.