4 Ways A Bad Workplace Environment Affect Us

Posted on: October 25th, 2016

Source: Jobsdb

  1. Culture of complaint
    We complain of many things in workplace. We complain of the facilities, welfare, working hours, and company hierarchy. While complaints vent our anger every now and then, too many complaints create an energy-draining working environment. They do not promote team spirit or sense of responsibility. Even worse this negative attitude easily spreads across the office and assimilates everyone. As part of the company, you are likely to be affected.
  2. Distrust between colleagues
    Confidence is one of the difficult thing to build in workplace. Even you are put in a group everyone comes with individual agenda. When personal interest is put before group’s, it is likely that backstabbing becomes a common practice. Distrust not only increases work stress, but also drags down productivity.
  3. Controlling practice
    In some companies parenting-supervision is a standard management measure. Employees are closely monitored and assessed almost every second. Perhaps it is practiced to raise workers’ concentration on work, but it also generates a lot of self-doubt. Long-term speaking it is not a good way to benefit the company and employees themselves.
  4. Low respect
    Being respected is a key way to boost working morale. If you are a leader showing low respect to your subordinates is not going to gain their royalty. Especially in the traditional Asia culture ‘face’ is an inseparable entity to our dignity. Lack of mutual respect in workplace is the fastest way killing a company.