10 advice from successful people in the world

Posted on: June 20th, 2016

Source: on.cc


So, what are your plans after years of studying? Feeling lost and pressured from your family? Below are 10 advice from successful people all over the world. Just remember that we are all unique individuals and we shall not compare ourselves with the others. Just follow your passion and a successful future is waiting for you.

1. Warren Buffett (Expert in investment): Imitate your idol

“You should learn to change your habits by imitating the behaviors of the person who you admire. This way you can gain the skills that they have”.

2. Melanie Whelan (CEO of SoulCycle): Just do something and work hard

“After graduating, do not over think of what jobs you should apply for. Instead, you should be open minded and try all sorts of jobs. Just be hard working and be proactive. Do not get trapped with the mindset of what should you do. The word “should” can limit your paths and development”.

3. Alexa von Tobel (Founder of LearnVest): Do not ask questions that can be answered by Google

“Dress tidy. Be punctual. Be smart. Do not ask questions that can be answered by Google”.

4. Brian Chesky (CEO of Airbnb): Follow your own heart

“Although families are the most important people in your life, do not blindly always follow their wish. Follow your own passion and do what you love”.

5. Dr. Phil McGraw (American Psychologist): Withstand the criticism

“When you choose a job, as long as you are able to withstand people’s criticism, you will be fine”.

6. Eric Schmidt (Chairman of Goggle): Say Yes to everything

“Do not hide yourself. Learn to say yes by going to more events, to make more new friends, and to learn new knowledge”.

7. Marla Malcolm Beck (Founder of Bluemercury): The best is yet to come

“Nobody works in the same job for a lifetime. You should find your passion because this can lead to an outstanding performance. Don’t worry about the time it takes, you are still young”.

8. Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft): Do not over think

“Do not over think with all the problems you encounter. Treat all the challenges and problems in a calm attitude”.

9. J.K. Rowling (Author of Harry Potter): Do not be afraid of failure

“Failure is a gift. People who are successful have experienced failure at some point of their lives”.

10. Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin Group): Look ahead into the future

“Do not waste time looking at the past, you should move on and focus on the journey ahead. Enjoy the future and you will ultimately reach your goal”.