Beware Of The Free Riders

Posted on: August 25th, 2016



Free riders have already existed for decades and have developed different forms. Although there is no possible way to extinguish them once and for all, you can certainly prevent free rider taking advantages from you.

1. Credit Taker: This type is good at magnifying their contribution and showing off to bosses. To outsmart them, you may need to ensure your action is quicker than them. Keep updating your work process to your boss in the meeting.

2. The Ignominious: This one is good at criticizing and rejecting everyone’s suggestion without giving any idea. You should remember their points and prepare different kinds of decisions before having a meeting. Focus on the job.

3. The Gloating Guy: When a client complains and you are the one getting blamed. This guy will make off with your work by telling your boss and pretending to be helpful. What you should do is to understand your work and stick to the instruction given, and to show your responsibility. It can prevent ‘the bad guy’ to make off with your work.

4. The Misfortune: Above these free riders, there is the misfortune. They always want you to find a solution to help. They would do nothing if you did the job well. However, you will be the one getting blamed when failing. My suggestion: RUN!!!