Evaluate Your Recruiter

Posted on: December 5th, 2016

Source: Forbes

Some say recruiters and HR managers spend no more than 1 minute on your CV. Even when they read they do not even scroll down to second page of your resume and so they are not familiar with your background. Talking to someone without full preparation is a waste of time, so you need to analyse which recruiters worth your time talking with.

It’s easy to tell which cold call is from a well-prepared recruiter. Anyone asking for your basic information is worth no time to be entertainment by job seekers. In this context you can stop their cold and ask if they have reviewed your linkedin profile completely. Some recruiters are pushy though, and they may tactfully ask for further elaboration of yourself. In this case, you might want to hear what they are going to say.

Some candidates fear that rude disruption to recruiters’ cold call would create a notorious reputation in the job market. One thing we should all know is that recruiters have no right to ask for any personal information at the cold call stage. Instead we should use that chance know more about relevant job opportunities. Ask them the latest job market information like demanding positions, salary range, construction…etc.

A good recruiter in your corner is a fantastic asset, but as in any profession, there are more unsuitable recruiters than top-notch ones around. So understanding our rights as a candidate and  how to make use of recruiting services is important in landing a job.