Every Success Starts With A Small Opportunity

Posted on: October 12th, 2016

Source: Jobsdb

Many fresh graduates’ ideal job is to work in a big corporation. Positions in The big four and international banks are dream jobs of many new job seekers. While the large corporations provide seemingly high starting salary, they may not be an ideal place to get yourselves a honed skill set. Big does not mean good all the time. Some smart candidates already reach out to mid-enterprises or even startups to get valuable experiences. There are several reasons for you to consider your first career in small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

1. Expand your acquaintances
Every member in SME is a core asset to the company. They collaborate a lot on different projects and build a strong relationship, sometimes even on a personal level. While in large corporations you may not know the name of your neighbor colleague on your last day.

2. Work closely with upper management
You will have chances working very closely with the boss, who is also a member of the projects you are working on. You get yourselves familiar with the workflow, plans, approval of projects. It enriches your insights.

3. Reviewing own performance instantly
Small company staff have instant feedback on their performance, which is almost impossible in large corporations. You are not just a role filler for the company, but a crucial staff who goes through every bit of action. It is easy to get affirmation from colleagues, and you feel yourselves truly do something valuable.