Four Things You Should Do Before Setting Off To The Next Job Opportunity

Posted on: July 19th, 2016



Nowadays, we focus all our attention to finding a good job, preparing for interviews, and studying for a professional qualification. However, we often forget to think about the things we should do to our current company before moving on to a new position. A study conducted by MetLife found that more than one-third of employees hoped to change jobs within 12 months. Therefore when we resign the job, we should resign kindly and in a professional manner.

1. Notify the staff and clients
When you resign from your job, your boss would be the first person to know the news. However, the rest of your teammates, colleagues, clients and customers should also get a notification from you. This is because they can have an idea of your status and it is also a good opportunity to thank them for their help. You could send them an email to express your appreciation and that you have enjoyed working with them.

2. Say Thank you
The word “Thank you” is one of the best words you can say to people. It gives people the impression of your politeness and the respectfulness. You could treat your colleagues and managers for lunch. Show them that you are very thankful for the help and guidance they have given you. They will be very happy to receive your appreciation and keeping good relationships with your work mates will be an advantage in the future.

3. Never burn your bridges
Even though your boss is your worst enemy, never ever tell your boss off. You might feel great at the beginning, but after you walked out of his office, you will regret it. The consequence of telling your boss off is that you have lost a reference. Also, if you are thinking to leave negative comments on Facebook about your past boss/ company, I recommend you to avoid that too. Facebook have no privacy and it will only worsen your situation.

4. Provide useful information for your replacement
The new employee replacing your position will be very puzzle on their first day, therefore, if you provide them detailed notes of the work they will appreciate it greatly. This will make the transition much easier for your replacement and it shows the boss that you are a very responsible person.