How To Write A Professional Email

Posted on: July 12th, 2016



Writing emails are easy, but writing a professional email can be challenging. Below are some tips on how to write a professional email.

1. Title must be clear
A clear title is crucial because employees receive tons of emails a day. They usually select which emails to read first by reading the heading. Therefore, make sure the title gives a summary of the email.

2. A professional email account
If you ever have to send an email to your client with your own email account, please pay attention to your email account name. Please avoid account names such as “love_peter@…” or sexykitten21@…” as it looks unprofessional.

3. Think before you hit the “Reply all” button
It can be a hassle for some people when they receive emails that are irrelevant to them. So, make sure the emails you entered on the recipient field are people who are involve with the problem.

4. Email Formatting
Make sure your name, job title, company name, contact details are all up-to-date. Avoid adding emojis, keep the font size and font style the same to give a comfortable presentation.

5. Addressing people
Even when you have a partner that you have been in cooperation with for many years, it is still not too appropriate to use informal language in the emails. For colleagues that you are close to, you can use “Hi…” or “Hello…” instead of “Dear…”, but never use “Hey…” or “Yo…” as it is over causal.

6. Be careful with exclamation mark
Exclamation marks tend to bring emotions to people and the meaning can be misinterpreted by people. Therefore, it is better to eliminate it to avoid any confusion.

7. Pay attention to cultural difference
The Germans and Americans like to go straight to the main point instead of having an opening. On the other hand, Asia countries such as Japan and China like to know more about their partner’s background, and they will talk about other topics before moving into the main subject.

8. Enter the Recipient last
By entering the recipient last, you can eliminate the accident of sending unfinished emails to the opposite side. Also, remember that all the documents or files are attached if necessarily.

9. Remember to Proofread
To write a professional email, it is important that the email have no spelling errors or any careless mistakes. Therefore, remember to proofread the email a few times.