Is The Sales Industry Suitable For You?

Posted on: October 4th, 2016

Source:  Jobsdb

While working in sales industry generally gives an impression as a lucrative job, not many people are suitable to be one of it. Among all sales in the industry only a few percent of them climb to the top. Whether you are a job seeker or a veteran in workplace, here are some indications to your success rate working as a salesperson.

  1. High self-confidence
    You will be assigned sales quota periodically. Depends on what type of company you are working at you may sell products of high value to the public or just some uninteresting products. Customers are not easily convinced on paying for what they don’t need. In such a situation you must be confident enough to persuade them. Having a strong confidence is easier said than done. A lot of people do not even carry a conversation effectively. Somethings have to done if you are about to work in this industry.
  2. Able to accept ‘NO’
    Even you are as eloquent as Stephen Fry you still get rejections from time to time. A big ‘NO’ from customers can be like a curse to some salespersons as it is not something that be easily shrugged off. If you have little or no experience of being rejected, it’s likely that you may not succeed in being a good salesperson.
  3. Can-do spirit
    Commission is everything to a salesperson so he will pour his best for it. Top salespersons spare no effort in preparing for each client, and think of every possible way to convince those said ‘NO’. If you don’t have such perseverance, you want to consider other job options.