Mistakes That Ruin Your Career

Posted on: September 27th, 2016

Source: Jobsdb

It is common for us to make mistakes. While some mistakes are tolerable in workplace, it is always better to avoid making one. Here are some mistakes that probably screw up your career.

1.Stay in your comfort zone
When you stay in the same position for a long time, it is easy for you to lose motivation to improve. You will probably forget the passion of learning new skills that you have on your first day of work. You should push yourself out of comfort zone and be eager again to taking up new challenges. By exploring your limit you may find more fun in work.

2.Lose vision to company’s goal
It is no surprise that most employees see their job and salary as the most important of all. However, one will easily lose the sense of belonging to the company and plan to leave. Understanding what your company aims at can anchor yourself in the company and develop stronger passion to the job.

3.Let personal and professional relation mix together
Overtime you naturally build friendship with colleagues. While it may be convenient to have friends in the same office, it may also give you larger burden. When you put yourself in a ‘friend vs work’ dilemma, you are about to leave your job desperately. So be sure to keep a clear boundary between relationships.

4.Lack self-confidence
This problem sometimes also happens on the seniors. In face of serious business issues one easily shows weakness and the need to depend on others. Without self-confidence wrong decisions appears. Think back to every successful decision you have made may rebuild confidence and provide reliable experience.