Multimedia For Recruitment-Whatsapp

Posted on: August 23rd, 2016



Nowadays, the majority of the population owns a smart phone and they are always playing on it all the time. Some people might even prefer using texting instead of having a face to face interaction. Therefore, some companies have begun using different social media tools for the recruitment method to speed up recruitment process. One of the examples would be Whatsapp.

5 tips of using Whatsapp:

1. Avoid using emoji emotion- Do not overuse emoji when you reply

2. Do not use informal language. This is a recruitment process. No matter hoe friendly the HR officers are, they are not your friends. The tone should be polite and formal. This shows respect to the other side. HR officers might not understand all the slang words, therefore, it is best to avoid any possible misunderstanding.

3. Pay attention to your display picture and the status- Many Whatsapp users update their status and profile picture frequently. If you are not careful with your own account information, you might damage your own first impression. Beside the CV that the HR officers receive, everything else is equally important to take note of. Therefore, when setting up a account, remember to use an appropriate picture and write a status that is inspiring and positive.

4. Do not leave the conversation open ended – As a communication tool, Whatsapp allows you to reply the message when you are free. It doesn’t require the user to respond immediately. However, some job seekers disappeared after asking their interested information. This can leave a bad impression to the HR officers. Remember to give your thanks after requesting information from the HR officers. This shows respect and they might even give you a hand in the future.

5. Be truthful – Some job seekers accept the job invitation through Whatsapp, but they do not end up showing up on the onboard date. Make sure you treat each opportunity seriously. No matter if it was a email invitation or a Whatsapp invitation, they are all valid and should be treated with respect. Therefore, if you agree to something, make sure you keep your promises.