Sick Leave Takes More Than A Whatsapp Message

Posted on: September 1st, 2016

Source: Jobsdb

sick leave

I believe most people have multiple experiences of taking sick leave in their lives. As technology advances, there are easier ways in communicating with one another, for example, the Whatsapp. This however causes new comers to forget the formal format in applying for sick leave. To be a responsible employee, these are three factors to you must consider:

First off, the reason for taking sick leave must be logical. Even if the contract stated a maximum of twelve day sick leave, in the harsh reality, no boss likes seeing their subordinate ask for leave. According to a survey conducted by the HK AXA Department of Health, less than 35% agrees that the common cold and headache are valid reasons for sick leave. Thus, your reason for sick leave must not be too vague and ordinary.

Besides, you have to comprehend clearly your company’s sick leave regulations. Some relatively new firms would allow whatsapp sick leaves application whereas most require a formal email or phone notice. It is advised to ask your colleagues for more information on this matter beforehand.

Moreover, being ill does not mean you have no responsibility whatsoever. For instance, contact your team to remind them about the tasks that need to be done. It’s crucial for you to be organized and involved while you’re away in order to cause less trouble to the group.

In summary, the above has underlined the three main aspects in taking sick leave. Primarily, remember to visit the doctor, take the medicine and rest more. Hand in the doctor’s certificate the next work day to your HR.