Six Traits Of An Entrepreneur

Posted on: August 18th, 2016



Many people have the idea of entrepreneurship and become their own CEO. However, being an entrepreneur requires a lot of skills and time in order to be successful. Here are six traits of an entrepreneur:

  1. Selling over buying – When you’re shopping, the first thought that came to mind is not whether you could afford the item, but to study the packaging, display of the item. This indicated that you might prefer figuring out a business selling method rather than focusing on the shopping process.
  2. Keen on researching psychological thought process in shoppers’ minds – having an interest in finding out the source that leads to people’s irrational incentives.
  3. Refuse to compromise – It may sound like a negative quality to have, but it implied the courage to leave your comfort zone. Most people would only accept their job and failed in catching their dreams. However, if you have faith and courage, you will be successful.
  4. Having a high level of EQ – Personal anger management is vital when you become an entrepreneur. Challenges like rejection from customers and disobedient workers will definitely appear in the work life.
  5. Having marketing design ideas – This may take time to develop, but if you are an open minded person, innovative ideas will come to you and help you to improve your business.
  6. Unafraid of hatred – At times as being the upper level in the company, you have to ignore some employees’ opinions. You have to develop mental skills to deal with some unavoidable hatred for a period of time.